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Monday, January 08, 2007


#$ Would also like to see a map of Africa carried out in the same fashion... That, too, would give you an idea of Norway´s might. $#

In nominal terms, Norway - OR Minnesota, for that matter - would cover a third of the continent or so.

I as well would like to have a look at the actual numbers. Were GDP calculated by PPP, for instance?

Would also like to see a map of Africa carried out in the same fashion... That, too, would give you an idea of Norway´s might.

And where the #### is Alaska?

The state of Maryland has the GDP of both Hong Kong & New Zealand combined?, or did you mistake the DelMarVA penninsula as a seperate state?

Interesting commentary from this "blogger":http://www.barking-moonbat.com/index.php/weblog/world_economy_primer/ about the map and how Alabama has about the same GNP as Iran, four nuclear powerplants and a larger army. Well, with all due respect, "Iran":https://www.cia.gov/cia/publications/factbook/geos/ir.html has 68 million people -- a majority of which are under 30 years of age (and they alle want to live in the US). I think this is important to rememeber when comparing nations? Also, I would think that Iran's strategic location makes a difference in terms of ability to influence the geopolitical scene.

Another strange coincidence: Virginia = Austria. If there were one state in the union that could replicate the Lippizaners, it would be Virginia.

(And yes, I know the Lippizaners are actually from Slovenia. It's a Habsburg thing.)

Can you help us locate the map on the York Group's website or ask your friend to provide a link? I was unable to confirm where it is on their site and what numbers they used. Just a quick comparison of numbers from the latest Human Development Report has vastly different numbers that are suggested by the map. I'd like to confirm where they got their numbers.

The reason that Indian and China are not listed is that they have bigger economies than any US state. The objective of the map is to show what country is most similar to the state in terms of economy, not to show all the countries. France, which is linked here with California, has the 7th largest economy. (Lists of this vary a bit).

Great post.

Note: the link to the York Group is broken.

Your description of Norway reminds me very much of Ireland. Here everything is artificially expensive with high import duties and VAT, regulatory barriers/ex-state monopolies and so on, except that we don't have your oil/shipping industries!

Since we equate with Nevada, we could do with a Las Vegas like place too :)

The similarities to Minnesota go deeper than that; a lot of Norwegians settled there, to the point that Garrison Kiellor makes references to "Norwegian bachelor farmers" in his classic radio show "A Prairie Home Companion".

As stated in the post: the map is not mine! I got it from a friend who got it from York International. See link under map. But even if it is not entirely correct -- it made me think about my own country in a new context, and most importantly, it made me laugh!

I'm not so sure about your map... Washington state (home of frikkin' Microsoft!) compared to Turkey? I doubt that.

Interesting India and China are absent...

Very interestesting. And it puts your own country in a new context, doesn't it? Norway -- probably as most countries -- tends to be quite biased and unrealistic when viewing its own importance in the world. This map is humbling in that respect. And even if it might not be entirely correct in terms of figures, it is still a good reminder of why most things are not invented here.

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