> Toledo Pictures for Sale


I would consider an offer to sell a collections of early works by the Mexican artist Francisco Toledo.
I have 15 gouaches - watercolor on paper - and 1 oil on canvas (#10) made by Francisco Toledo. The are all sized approx. 14x14 and although I don't have the exact dates, they were most likely made sometime between 1962-1963. I have them after my mother who met Toledo when he was in Norway during the early sixties. I remember him well - I used to paint with him on the floor in our apartment in Oslo where I grew up. Although the artworks themselves are not signed, I have signed photographs of the paintings which would validate their authenticity. I would also be surprised if Toledo would mind confirming their authenticity as well.

I am considering selling this lot. Most likely I would be interested in selling all the gouaches as a lot and the oil painting separate.

Take a look at them here, and let me know if you are interested in buying. The originals can be seen in New York if you are interested (if so, call me at +47 92380846)

Check out this site for more about Toledo online: